@ Email @ Email d 01463 419160 d Call The Specialized Sirrus Sport is a practical, well-equipped everyday option for the commuter but its ride doesn’t shine quite as brightly as its paint finish. Fortunately this came to light in my garage, rather than on the road. The Sirrus models come in sizes extra-extra-long, long, medium, short and extra-short. Most riders want a bicycle they can ride anywhere, whether in the city or on the road. The incredibly high front end means you’re always slowed down by the wind, while the tyres also hold you back, so much so that holding any speed above 12-13mph is a real effort. Of course a carbon fork would improve things further (indeed go further up the Sirrus range and you find carbon forks with Specialized’s Zertz vibration-dampening inserts) but this would take the price beyond the highly impressive sub-£500 price point. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Looking to insure your new bike? Everything about it works without a fuss, with the frame equipped with mounts for mudguards and panniers, and I was particularly impressed by the Shimano Altus shifting. So far I have 1,400 miles on the bike and it's like new. This recall involves the 2019-2020 model year Sirrus, Sirrus X and Sirrus Sport bicycles. For less than $700.00 I got practically new full carbon bike with good components. The Specialized Sirrus is a versatile hybrid bicycle delivering the perfect combination of speed and comfort. 6 of the best 2019 new-generation hybrids Your complete guide to Specialized's 2019 road bike … Over the last few years, I’ve taken my love of the outdoors, hiking, skiing, trekking and exploring to the next level by starting this site. Getting paid to do what I love has been a dream come true for me. What is the actual weight of the Specialized Men’s Sirrius Alloy Disc 2019 Bike in the Size Large? It also uses fully-manipulated butted … The Sirrus models are touted as fitness-hybrid bikes so that riders can take them on the road, as well as commute in the city. >>> Nine ways to make your commute more like the Tour de France. However, slightly more impressive is the comfort. The price range for the bikes, $450 to $1500 ensures that there is a Sirrus bike for every serious rider, whether they use the bike for their fitness routine or casual rides with the family. You don’t buy a Smart car and then complain because it won’t pull a 32 foot camper! The tall bike stems are more for riding in an urban environment instead of on the road. 2019 sees a new model, the X Comp Carbon, in the Specialized Sirrus review. I own a small janitorial business in which I clean yards,homes.I have acculated a number of bikes.I donate the bikes to city groups that teach city kids how to repair the bikes.How do you find bike model of a bike.Thanks Ed Potillo SR. How can the stem and flat handle bars be cons on a bike that has them as standard equipment. The Sirrus models use 700C Disc rims for all their models except the V-Brake, which has the 700C Rim brakes. If you’ve got a few colleagues who cycle into work and go around asking them what bikes they ride, I can almost guarantee that at least one of them will say a Specialized Sirrus, one of the most popular hybrid bikes on the market. craigslist is a joke too now like eBay. Ellen. You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. It meant replacing the stock spacers with standard round ones and adding a top cap. It is a good looking, light, responsive and comfortable bike. I bought it new and haven’t changed a thing on it because it is a well oiled machine. Required fields are marked *. And if so, what’s your opinion? At $500 it's a great deal and compares well to other bikes that are much more expensive. Whilst this isn’t the best indicator to decide if it’s the best in class, you can use it as a guide to see how it compares to other hybrid-bikes. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 Review. now people want $200 for a FreeSpirit Sears bike or $499 for a Dave Scott of which i scored one for $125. If health is wealth, the Sirrus X fitness bikes are exactly what the doctor ordered. The tires are thick so that they can take some abuse on city streets. The frame is aluminium and very well-made, while the fork is steel. Specialized have launched an all new version of their popular Sirrus hybrid/commuter bike, the Sirrus X. Brake Levers: Shimano, V-brake The Specialized Sirrus is equipped with Shimano Altus, Shimano’s 8-speed entry-level mountain bike groupset, that deals with all of the shifting. I bought a Specialized Sirrus in April on a trade in from a Trek that I had put 6,000 miles on. Specialized. Specialized sirrus expert carbon review! Specialized has updated its Sirrus commuter and fitness bike range for 2020. The Sirrus X 4.0 hits near the sweet spot, with its smooth ride, commuter-friendly additions, and fast, grippy tires. The frame is very strong where it needs to be and a bit more gentle where it needs to be. It makes their bikes good for introducing people to the sport. The more expensive models do better on the road because of the lightweight carbon frames and the racing gears. stock. All carbon and 1x drivetrain. If biking and staying fit is your priority, too, you’ve come to the right place. The fitness geometry of these bikes and the flat handlebars helps make it more responsive, which is important in the city. I have the Sirrus Expert Carbon and love it. Registered Address: The Bike Factory, 153-161 Boughton, Chester, Cheshire, CH3 5BH. The riders' weight is based on the average man’s weight, which you can disregard for women. Brakes: V-brake, linear pull The only thing that lets this bike down is that it's incredibly hard to ride quickly when you're in a rush, due to the sluggish tyres and the incredibly upright position. The Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike offers very good value at £425. Most riders want a bicycle they can ride anywhere, whether in the city or on the road. The Sirrus is a great bike for those who want the compact geometry and speed of a road bike but want the maneuverabilty and comfort of flat bars. We are all looking to suit our lifestyles as well as our pockets when buying a bike. They are not road bikes. Tyres: Specialized Nimbus, 700x32mm I’ve been told they are great. They’re fine if you just need to scrub off a bit of speed while riding through traffic, but if you’re after some more dramatic stopping power (say you’re screaming downhill with a junction fast approaching) then the power isn’t quite there. We use this for our bike hire in Inverness and cycling holidays in Scotland. If you’re looking for a good bike for commuting to work or for working out, then you should consider one of the Specialized Sirrus bike models. The Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike offers very good value at £425. However I actually though it was a little too relaxed, forcing me to sit bolt upright and therefore slowing me down – not great for when you’re late for work and in a rush. They are lightweight, which makes them easier to peddle long distances or on steep city inclines. I’m an experienced road cyclist riding up to 5,000 miles a year, but always used a drop bar race bike. Do you find road bikes with curved handlebars as cons. Mountain bike versus hybrid: What’s the difference? The Specialized Sirrus is equipped with Shimano V-brake linear pull brakes which I really didn’t get on with. Some test riders didn’t like the flat handlebars because they don’t allow riders to get into a fast riding position. Specialized told our dealer that the bike would be delivered in one week. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 2020 Adventure Hybrid Bike A smooth, confidence inspiring ride with a slightly more upright position, as well as plenty of handy mounts for mudguards and luggage racks, Sirrus X is perfect for anything from exploring beyond the pavement to grinding it out on your daily commute. Chester Concept Store is operated by Specialized Concept Store (Chester) Ltd (05973637). I bought the Specialized 2019 Carbon Elite and like the bike for its threaded lower bracket and not the press fit LB that is offered on the Trek. Unfortunately the braking isn’t quite as good. I found the test ride very comfortable. Saddle: Body Geometry Targa Sport Gee, I tested recumbents and found the laid back style as a con. The tall stem allows the rider to be upright, in a more comfortable position. Thats what they are. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review (2020): Can this Elliptical Trainer Work. It has 48x38x28 chainrings on the front and a 12-25t cassette on the back which is more than enough for most terrain. We get it—life moves pretty fast, so it's a good thing we made Sirrus to help you with all of it. >>> Specialized bikes: everything you need to know. Im torn between a $700 trek and a $700 specialized pls help, btw im a 62 year old male that needs a step thru due to bad hips, but i dont want a geriatric looking bike! After telling our dealer the bike shipped twice, but didnt show up, we finally received the second bike 8 weeks later and bike season in Colorado was about over. A great beginners bike that will grow as you up your riding capability without the need to upgrade your bike. Next in the hierarchal lineup is the Sirrus and sadly, it does not get the respect it deserves with its big brother, the Allez, constantly hoarding the spotlight.… Seatpost: Alloy, 27.2mm Available now. Bill, I agree with your statement about the standard equipment being considered as a negative point by the (lame) reviewer. Crankset: Shimano FC-M131, 48/38/28t It’s a great bike. Boasting the ability to take the performance of the Sirrus and push it out of its town and tarmac comfort zone, Specialized are pushing this new Sirrus X as being possibly the one bike … I tested a Diverge with the Future Shock; it is quite an awesome experience but would still prefer a flat bar. The Sirrus bike has been in the Specialized range for years but gets subtle updates and upgrades every season. It’s now close to perfect and I really like riding it. It’s taken a while to get used to the bike and I have made a few mods to get a comfy position – replacing the stock saddle my normal Selle Italia Flite, fitting Shimano M324 SPD pedals with cleats one side and flat on the other and shortening the handlebars to 540 mm. In my shop, I spend a large amount of time helping people find the perfect bike for them and the style of biking they’re going to be doing. With its affordable price range, there is a model that almost everyone can afford. It is a versatile bicycle that you can put a lot of mileage on without worrying that it will fall apart. So, if you need a bike that can help you get and stay in shape, then a Sirrus may be the right choice for you. Based on the powerful DNA of its asphalt-specialized sister model Sirrus, the Sirrus X is designed to feel at home on any … Specialized Sirrus X: comfortable urban bikes for all-round usage Read More » It features its proprietary Fitness Geometry to keep the emphasis on comfort. For any rider who wants a lightweight bike which is safe, responsive and with a stable frame and will take care of your riding -- Specialized Sirrus is the Bike of the Century as for what I have experienced with it. The 11 speed came in handy. Stem: Forged alloy, 20-degree rise i found one specialized SIRRUS for $80. The specialized Sirrus X 4.0 is a hybrid bike designed to offer comfort to bikers on any terrain hence, the body geometry saddle, pedals and handgrips, 38mm-wide tires, and the future shock suspension system. In fact there’s very little about the Specialized Sirrus that excites, and this very much a work horse for the daily cruise into work rather than going out and enjoy zipping along quiet lanes at the weekend. There have been many problems with the press fit bearing coming loose on carbon frames and becoming almost impossible to repair successfully.