Sir, I recently installed 24V({2X12}X2)-4 battery 150AH each) solar system. We depends on ad revenue to keep creating quality content for you to learn and enjoy for free. i check the connection and my charge controller it is OK.
notes the charge controller amp max. just want to understand how a solar hybrid charge controller works and its dependency on the brand of inverters. Now I have 100Ah battery and am planning to connect 150 Ah battery in parallel. the Backup time of one battery). To determine the number of solar panel needed: 1/10 of 4# of 200AH battery = 1/10 x 800=80W, Hence: 80W x 12V x 1.25 (power factor) = 1200W. I will be happy to hear from your at the earliest. Is it possible to use the solar power in day time without batteries ?? not mentioned about charger controller.plse provide simple schematic diagram of the said.
jayarajankb. Your email address will not be published. I would like to know how much load i can utilise from this set up and can i use aircondtioner 1.5 ton 4 hrs and pressure pump of 1hp 1 hr that is used with my other general appliances and not ties to the grid.Please assist if i need to correct this arrangement, How Much solar panel requried for solar inverter 1660VA of operating Voltage 24. This comment has been removed by the author. • The rated output of the panel is determined by the voltage and current that the solar panel can produce. I have 2 solar panel one is 60w and another is80 w and two battery How to connect this to best working. I want to use DC directly for my load. In both the cases the full charging period will be about 16 hrs. Therefore, the choice of the inverter should be 200 VA. See more . I recently bought 2 solar panels of 150 W each and charge controller of 30 Amp. how long batteries becom full and how long its give me backup time if i use 2 celling fans and 1 tv of 14 inch.
Use of 3kva inverter to increase of future load.
I jst wana cnfirm that:
1. Factors influencing the profitability . I have one query hope you will guide me on that. Led Bulb 25W (04-Off), {Usage 24 hours regularly} 7. How much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances? if yes can we reduce 50% panel because they 24v. of Solar Panels, Batteries rating/Backup time, Inverters/UPS rating, Load and required Watts. Our load will run from 6 AM to 6 PM ( in day time only.) please i need the calculation formula too, thanks. Dear Sir, In the last part of calculation ,from where u got 60w to get 4 no.s of solar panels? Most load calculations include a discount factor for the inefficiency of recharging the battery. There is nothing special… We have supposed the 10A DC load…. Thank you, Read, Hello sir, I need some clarifications
With regards to your above calculation you have stated that for a load of 800watts it requires two 100 ah battery for a backup for 3 hours. Sir, from the last point on finding the current for both charging and direct connected load, starting from where it reads “Now supposed there is some (directly connected to the panels through “inverters”)”. Your charge controller is designed to consume only 80% of your battery capacity i.e. Please give rating with calculations so that we can do our self in future because we are in field of solar. Be aware that this nominal ratio is given for standard test conditions (STC) : radiation=1000 W/m2, cell temperature=25 celcius degree, Wind speed=1 m/s, AM=1.5.

Waiting for reply. I will like to know more about Electrical drawings, Your email address will not be published. Sandeep, In fact a hybrid solar charge controller converts any inverter of any brand into an online solar inverter.It has nothing to do with its brand. Kindly guide me that how can I make connections? What shold be the size (wh) of P V pannel. I have one question; What is ratio/ equation between power of PV panel & Amp of its controlling device? The first step in the design of a photovoltaic system is determining if the site you are considering has good solar potential. Dear Sir, I have 2 nos of 12 volt 120 amp battery and 800 watt 24 volt APC Invertor. But this goes unused most of the days.
I am planning to expand this setup as the battery (from my old ups) is of low capacity. How many solar panels of 300watts. Hi Better to just buy a complete unit, inverter and charger in one. Solar cells are connected in series to form photovoltaic panels that are connected together to crate a PV generator. why is not using battery of 24v ins teat of 12v in order to increase watt? But charging current is different for 150Ah & 100Ah, 15A and 10A respectively. Two (Fld) Battery 100mAh. Secondally i want ask for some help . Average Sunshine Hours = 6+4.5+4 / 3 =8 Hours. Second question is what will be the Back up time If I am putting regular 400 watts load during day time .I do not have any knowledge for electrical engineering for solar products at all . 1 0 obj Now maximum is 29A. System Size 51 MW know more; 10.8 MW Rooftop Solar Power System – ANERT, Kerala . I have selected 10-20 watt panel and want to know can i use 12v 6 ampere charge controller?. I have got solar sytem for 3Kw system . let’s say that i need a 25W solar panel to power a camera with load of 5W, to 24 hours a day (average sunlight in my country is 5 hours a day). the system would become = 12V and 100Ah +100Ah = 200Ah. i have designed the inverter. However since all your panels are of 200 Watts they must be in 24 VDC rating..[see the label on the back side of the panel]. I have a solar panel of 48 V and 3KW inverter supported by a 48V 150AH battery bank of 08 nos. i have started reading this with 0 knowledge on Solar power. how can i make design for this system with #AutoCad. Since you have not mentioned in your message ,whether your solar panels are of 12 / 24 volts rating. pls, be sending me email on the latest solar-inverter technology. Sunshine) X Correction Factor; Required Size of Solar Panel =(2560 / 4.8) x 1.2 = 635.6 Watt; Required Size of Solar Panel = 635.6 Watt; Step-3: Calculate No of Solar Panel / Array of Solar Panel. Since they have different charging time. now i gained good knowledge. A Complete Guide About Solar Panel Installation. Sir kindly explain about battery in Ampere required for 80 watt solar panel? dear engineer, i have one doubt??? Sir , i have one doubt here you discussed about dc load ok. Reason i ask is, the dealer has claimed today that running load directly from charge controller and charging battery works only with brands liek APC and not other inverters. I need to have least possible configuration cost wise. You will not be able to build a solar panel big enough to fit a house hold usage not to mention all the wiring to the main fusebox then the separate fusebox for the solar panels oh and then you will need to feed whatever power you don’t use back to the power company so really unless Ur a super guineas id leave it and try and see if you can get solar power panels installed by your energy company for a cheaper cost like they do were i live. source? dear sir i need some help plz guide me
sir we want to run 375W AC submersible pump with solar energy.if we want to run this pump without batteries means online system then how many solar panels( means watt) will be required… charge controller rating… 24V inverter is designed and we have 85W solar panel
( 18-20V and 3.5-3.8A)at output during testing… am waiting
, Dear Waqas Iqbal @ Here is simple Calculation… in amperes is 10A. Read this Thread.., Recenlty i took 800va hybrid digital inverter with 2*100 tubular batteries and 3*100 watt poly panels .my inverter has solar/grid change over switch and technician says it always to be in grid mode and mains grid switch on,but of articles saying morning time we can switch off main power supply and night time on .He says if it is in solar mode and mains switch on it did`t draw power from grid → Your Solar Power is 3 x 100Watt = 300 Watts. If you pick this article related to solar panel installation, You will be able to; To calculate the no of solar panel (with rating)To calculate the rating of Solar panelTo calculate the rating of batteries for Solar panel systemTo calculate the back up time of batteriesTo calculate the required and charging current for batteriesTo calculate the charging time for batteriesTo calculate the rating of charge controllerHow much watt solar panel we need?Connect Solar Panel in Series or Parallel?How to select the proper solar panel for homeUPS / Inverter Rating for load requirement and much more…, Solar Panel Installation: Step by Step Procedure with calculation and examples. Wh are same kindly let me know which connection is superior and why? Maximum Power - this is the maximum power out put of the PV module (see I-V curve below) 2. Thanks. Respected sir My daytime use electricity is 500 watts upto 8 hrs and for night 250 watts for 10 hrs. But I need a topic of simple home inverter circuit diagram and also more topics on ongrid PV system , off grid PV system , wiring diagram of On grid and Off grid PV system . I did some research and tried to calculate battery efficiency which came out to be 0.2. step 01 - determine the photovoltaic array area. MPPT Calculator - Victron Energy. Also a 24volts 200amp/hour battery will give me. Will you guide me how much solar panel is required and for night back up batteries in amp. In the first scenario, we will use 12V inverter system, therefore, we will have to connect two (2) batteries (each of 12V, 100 Ah) in Parallel. due to some losses, (it has been noted that 40% of losses occurred during the battery charging), this way, we take 10-12 A charging current instead of 10 A, this way, the charging time required for a 12V, 100Ah battery would be: 100Ah x ( 40/100 ) = 40 (100Ah x 40% of losses), the battery rating would be 100Ah + 40 Ah = 140 Ah (100Ah + losses). Look at the 60 watt panel top of the page. If so, please share the url or CalC on my mail ID ( In order to decrease the calculation time, using certain mathematical expressions from the literature, the computer program for MS Excel has been developed. 1. Under the present set up if you want to employ the existing battery only,then you can connect 2 solar modules of 12V /150 Wp each in parallel to charge the battery In case if you want to have more back up you can include another similar rated battery in parallel to the existing one and connecting totally 4 solar modules of 150 Wp in parallel that will charge the total battery bank. I.e. There are some losses and efficiency factors playing a major role in output.
Battery efficiency : 0.8
DOD depth of discharge : 0.8

if your using inverter then the factor is : 0.9

, Sir,i am working on a project.i have load of 120kWH/mnt . 2.67 / 0.8 = 3.34 amps. You have not taken the efficiency of Inverter, loss in charging battery, depth of discharge for batteries(DOD), and the panel efficiency , it is just a theoretical calculation which will not work in the practical scenario. Now i want to know how many 300 watt panels maximum can i couple to this system to give me more day power from the panels without damaging the controller. So i recommend you to do the same with power cable from power grid instead of solar system.. Dear Mostafa Mosa@…Thanks 4 your feedback..
this calculation is base on ideal case. 120 solar modules, each of 250 W p and area of 1.67 m 2 are connected to form a PV system. My First question is it OK combination from point of view whether this system is sufficient to charge the batteries ? I think you need approximately 400 -500 watts of solar panel for your battery and your load current. i have 20 nos. Dear Engr Raymond.
Thanks for correction.. for a home solar electrification, they consumed of 16 amp of electricity per day.please give me a solar system and its calculations. Most load calculations include a discount factor for the inefficiency of recharging the battery. Many thanks for the reply. I would like to know why inverter rating is 25% more than the Load. But I think you didn't take in your consideration the change in the the temperature or the irradiation which will affect the output solar power.

. They are really helpful.
I will love to learn more from you sir and if possible and if you dont mind becoming my teacher on, Aslam-o-Alikum Sir, Im Kashif Raza from Lahore. Their names are derived from the active cell materials: 1. it converts all the solar energy into electrical energy then all you would need is a 1 m 2 solar panel to produce 1000 Watts of electrical energy. Sir mere pass single battery hai or 250 watt ki solar plate hai or uske upper 2 celling fan ka load hai.fir bhi kuch der fan chlane ke baad inverter whistle bajane lag jata hai.Isliye sir main iska karn puchna chahta hu. will that 200ah battery satisfy the load of 800w for 3 hours practically?? Limited Edition... Book Now Here. Suppose, we are going to install a solar power system in our home for a total load of 800W where the required backup time of battery is 3 hours (You may use it your own as it is just for sample calculation), Required Backup time for batteries = 3 Hours, Inverter / UPS rating should be greater than 25% of the total load (for the future load as well as taking losses in consideration), Our Load + 25% Extra Power = 800+200 = 1000 Watts, This is the rating of the UPS (Inverter) i.e. 1. 300W x 25 = 7.5kW…and you get 5.2kW…. At this stage connected load is 750 watt AC at day time and 400 watt at night. Dear Padma Priya@
Yes! Sir, I am a Civil Engineer . thanks for this work.
After the calculation i need around 220 AH battery is required for me. As per my knowledge A C10 battery (150AH) minimum charging current is 15A ,, in the manual panel it is fluctuating from 10 to 13A and on the inverter screen it is from 14 to 18.6 in peak time. Pls help me out here. Please also check and convey the availability of Grid power during the generation period. we want to use solar how many solar panel required to 6 to 7 hour back up?now our battery back is 3 hours. Hello Bro
Can we connect the Solar Power directly to an inverter without batteries through a charge controller ?? pl advice. ( want to know solar panel in W, battery need to be used, charge controller and inverter VA). Example : the solar panel yield of a PV module of 250 Wp with an area of 1.6 m2 is 15.6%. We recommend the use of Section and supporting Figures only for Solar panel =20 watt (20 watt is available) 2. I had requested a quote from a dealer for this setup and he is claiming he can put 600W panel that can concurrently run the 350W load along with charging the 150AH battery. Inverter of 2.4kva Battery of 200ahms(only one) Solar panel of 250watts (only one) Charger controller 30am… To control basic things at home eg one fan,3led bulbs,tv led only. I am really fascinated and envious with intelligent people here. Sandeep A hybrid charge controller can convert any inverter of any brand into an online solar inverter and it has nothing to do with the brand name. How many batteries? . Thanks, Hello engr.please i need advice on the comb if is right to go not good in scientific language. hi i have a 650 watt inverter with 2 solar panel with 320 watt total and connected to a 400 AH battery bank (liquid aced type) but have an increasing in temperature for one battery. So anyways.These are the formula taken from various parts of the site.Please verify if they are correct or show me where I can tweak (Without getting ridiculously detailed,this is a … It’s not so tough compared to the hybrid generator installation, I can share with you the methodologies for Hybrid generator installations. Approximate load is 350-400W concurrent usage Was thinking of how to achieve the desired model Run Morning to evening daily home load(~350-400W) directly through solar Also in parallel charge the 150AH battery for backup purposes in evening. If I have 4 Solar panels, each having 350 Watts and 48Volts outout. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s really enlightening. There is no sunshine for at least 10Hrs. Thank you sir. Solar Contractor installed 6 panels( Series of 3 Panels connected in Parrallel ) , each rating 200 watts connected with 8 batries of 100 Ah( connected 4 batteries in series to make 48 Volt Circuit ) with charge controller & Inverter . 1-800-472-1142. Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge. Is the calculation correct? If you put a day time load of 400 watts , it would give you a total back up of 7 – 8 Hrs per day. 9 November Thomas Karli Reis Allgemein designing string, serial modules. field test. Well friend but it will be very expensive installation!Start current for a such motor is about 80A……during 6 sec if start with load!Imagine what inverter size and how many panels will be necessary……I advice you take a cable from the grid!! [1] Figure 2.1 Solar Cell There are four advanced thin film technologies for making PV modules. Thanks! I would like to draw your attention to the average sunshine hours, as this is a major factor you need to consider when sizing a solar panel. this is really super helpful!!!!! 1. – Examples in British and SI System, Electrical Wire & Cable Size Calculator (Copper & Aluminum),,, simple words;
Panel Wattage = 130W
Volts = 12V
So current would be
I = P/V → 130 / 12 = 10.83A (Ideal Case)
So you can use it for 12V 100Ah battery
and charging current for 100 Ah battery = 100Ah x (10/100) = 10A
and the charging time for this battery would be;
100Ah / 10 A = 10 Hrs (Ideal)
, In the event of a lithium battery are these charge times the same, or is there a difference in charge times for Gel, Lead acid and lithium.