The earliest surviving issues date from January 1741, and it was published daily from 1837. Just to keep things simple, New England to Florida (let’s say Boston to Orlando) is about a 22 hour drive or about 1300 miles. Trick question for there are no "cruise" ships that sail from the city of New York to "Florida" as Florida is a state, not a port. By using the distance, speed and time equation, you will be able to determine how long it will take to get there. That’s including stops for gas, meals and breaks. Or a lot more due to weather stops, etc. I did something similar between 2010–2014. Also, is it common to drive 24 hours a day with several driving shifts? An immigrant who made the journey in 1750 reported that it could take between eight and 12 weeks, while another who arrived in 1724 reported that the … This would be the trip of a lifetime! Sailing South? The distance between Florida and Europe (Portugal) is 3,633.62 nautical miles. Researchers’ first call when tracking down sailing times should be Lloyd's List. The island is about 17 nautical miles from your marina and you plan on cruising at a speed of 23 mph. Since ships in the 1700s relied on sails to propel them, the length of the voyage greatly depended on the wind. Is it a full week worth of traveling? Variations of the Equation Forget Bermuda. I live in the Boston area and I'm looking at some boats that are located in Florida. I'm wondering what the trip would be like (averaging 20 knots) to drive up the coast from Florida to Boston. I'm writing a novel about my 17th century grandmother who emigrated from England, sailed into Boston Harbor, and then boarded a sloop to sail to Southampton, Long Island. In the wake of the carnage that occurred en route to Bermuda in the fall of 2011, Caribbean expert Don Street offers what he believes are far better plans for southbound cruisers. A newspaper reporting shipping movements and casualties, maritime news and other commercial information, Lloyd's List may help to figure out sailing times. For most travelers, you can comfortably make the journey with two days of driving and one overnight stop. This fall my family and I added another 500 miles of sailing throughout much of the Bahamas. Completed in what might be a cruisers record of 5 days 3 hours non-stop offshore. Reply to Captain Dave's Post: You can tell I'm a real landlubber. As for the schedule of cruise ships, that information is online much like everything else on the planet. Depending on weather conditions it can take up to two months (64 days) to travel the distance between the two places. Let’s assume that you have to leave your dock to travel to an island party starting at 8 p.m. Sailing the Caribbean in a yacht is the type of bucket-list activity that is far more affordable and easy to organize than people might assume. We quit our jobs in May of 2014 and sold our house in Denver, CO. We're cruising aboard a small sailboat, Baby Blue, an Allied Luders 33' sloop. I need to know how long it would have taken them to go from Boston to Southampton. Harbor hopping is more fun, but takes much longer than heading out to sea and taking the trade winds. This delivery from NYC to Florida was completed 100 miles offshore, for a distance of over a 1000 miles non-stop to Jacksonville, Florida. "Seamanship" from our March 2012 issue.

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