Internships: 3 of 4

Who can take part in the internship?

Under the SIMS projects, 120 persons will take part in the internship. You may apply for the internship if you are an employee of a Beneficiary of the SIMS project and you serve any of the following functions:

  • research project manager,
  • a scientist working on a large research infrastructure,
  • a laboratory manager,
  • a person responsible for establishment of a scientific development strategy in the organization.

During the recruitment, we will require that you precisely describe your role in the research organization, present us your scientific-managerial experience in Poland and abroad, as well as convince us that your vision of development of the Polish science thanks to your revolutionary ideas is feasible. Interns will be selected by a team of independent experts and will follow a competition procedure. You must remember that, in order to apply for the internship, you must have a fluent knowledge of English which will be a working language of all lectures, workshops and meetings.

How to apply?

The procedure of enrolment to the programme consists of two stages. Stage I consists of formal verification of application from the point of view of meeting all of the following criteria:

  • position and professional experience offering an opportunity of implementing good practice in the area of research infrastructure management;
  • co-operation in international teams confirming an advanced knowledge of English;
  • availability to travel abroad for a period of approximately 1 month, in the period from October 2013 to December 2014.

In order to take part in the internship, please send us your application form, including your CV and a cover letter in English, in an electronic form. In case of problems or doubts, please contact us at.
In addition, print the application form and submit it for signature to your Rector/Director, and then send it to the following address: National Centre for Research and Development, ul. Nowogrodzka 47a, 00-695 Warsaw, with a note: SIMS – DWPOIG – recruitment.
During stage II, shortlisted candidates will be invited for qualification interviews conducted by a Panel consisting of the Commission of Evaluation of Beneficiaries’ Potential and invited experts, who may be representatives of: the Foundation for Polish Science, business, public institutions obtaining revenues from commercial use of research infrastructure, representatives of Top500, scholars of the Foundation for Polish Science.

During qualification interviews, candidates will be evaluated from the point of view of their motivation, action potential and vision. As a result of the qualification interviews, a ranking list will be created of persons qualifying for internships. Depending on an interest in the programme, 1 or 2 recruitment processes are anticipated.