Advisory services complete the set of facilities offered by NCRD to Beneficiaries of the SIMS project. They are aimed at indicating financial and legal paths to be taken in order to facilitate the operation of units and autonomous maintenance of the research infrastructure, ensuring the greatest possible scientific benefits deriving from its use. In addition, they serve a remedial function and help to strengthen specific competences necessary to effectively manage the research infrastructure. Another objective is elimination of the system inconsistencies in research units, improvement of processes and regulations, establishment of internal platforms of communication between researchers and members of the administrative personnel, and therefore, elimination of a complex hierarchy and simplification of confusing procedures.

A catalogue of the areas covered by advisory services is specified by NCRD in consultation with Beneficiaries who have a limit of up to 40 hours  of advisory services granted to them under the project. Beneficiaries are welcome to submit their requests for advisory services under the project. For that purpose, you should contact us by sending, by electronic mail, a brief description of the areas of the required support and a list of suggested participants in the training (researchers, treasurers, legal department, etc.). After we receive your inquiry, we will contact relevant groups of experts and consultants who will help our Beneficiaries to solve the most relevant managerial issues.

After the use of the service, a Beneficiary shall be obliged to draw-up a report on the obtained advisory service, on the basis of the attached draft (downloadable file).

You are welcome to submit your needs and use the advisory services offered under the SIMS project.