About project

Beneficiaries of the OPIE (Operational Programme Innovative Economy), which have achieved such spectacular success, now face a challenge of maintaining the durability of their projects, and, what follows from that, ensuring the highest quality of management of the research infrastructure.

In an attempt to meet the expectations of Beneficiaries, NCRD has invited employees of the most innovative Polish institutions of higher education and institutes conducting scientific research to participate in a system project implemented under the Operational Programmes Human Capital – Support of management of the research infrastructure of beneficiaries Measures 2.1 and 2.2 of OPIE (the SIMS project). Under the project, 120 scientists, heads of laboratories and persons responsible for construction of scientific development strategy within their organizations, will go on monthly foreign internship programmes at:

  1. a renowned institution of higher education managing a large research infrastructure,
  2. a highly-specialised research institute,
  3. a world-renowned company with a High Technology profile.

Moreover, interns and 60 persons additionally supporting research projects in the area of finance, law and administration, will take part in training organized in Poland and adapted to specific needs of particular Polish institutions of higher education and institutes.

At the same time, we will encourage our Beneficiaries to submit their own needs for advisory services concerning particular issues connected with management of research infrastructure, specific for individual institutions.

You are welcome to review the objectives of internships, training and advisory services offered to Beneficiaries under the SIMS project. Let us build together a new quality of management of research infrastructure in Poland.